Magic Kard Market SDK 0.4.0 released

A new version of MKM SDK is released

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Here comes another release of MKM SDK, this time we reached version 0.4.0.

For those of you who don't know, MKM SDK is a simple SDK for dedicated and widget apps for Magic Kard Market, you can follow the project on GitHub.

We have lots of improvements for this version, we fixed a severe bug that prevented the correct use of the SDK, migrated from unittest to pytest, improved the project and tests documentation, implemented an XML serializer, refactored lots of code and added official support for Python 3.3 and 3.5.

A huge thank you goes to Emanuele Palazzetti that followed me during the project, reviewed my PRs, thought me how to better manage an open source project, and advised lots of changes for the betterment of the SDK.

We want to thank Daniel Maly for fixing a bug that didn't permit sending data to backend. Any PUT, POST or DELETE request couldn't return a positive response since no data was being sent. This is now working as intended and every request returns a positive response if correctly formatted.

Doing so we also discovered that Magic Kard Market backend only accepts XML data in its requests, even though it sends JSON data in its responses. We then decided to write a serializer to convert data to valid XML, so that the user can use Python data structure to send requests; check out the docs to see its usage

And since we're talking about documentation we decided to migrate from Sphinx to MkDocs, in doing so we have rewritten some docs so that they're clearer for the user.

Yet another migration we've done is from unittest to pytest. While doing this we refactored and added docstrings to every test, so that they can act as better documentation for development. 

And last but not least we reached a test coverage of 100%!

The new release is already on PyPipip install mkmsdk and you're ready to go.

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