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Expertise Expertise Expertise Expertise

Software Engineering

Delivering Functional Digital Solutions

We partner with our clients to grow their businesses through high-quality technology solutions for enterprises of any size. We apply strategic focus and passion for clean interface to ensure that our IT systems meet technical, business, and user goals.

Project Management and Consulting

Support, Troubleshooting, and Quality Assurance

Offering you the best of a wide range of skills and expertise, we apply versatile project management techniques to optimize digital enterprise. We guarantee the overall quality of our software products using highly recognized testing frameworks and provide support on existing software systems.

Collaboration and OSS

Collaborate, Work, and Play

The extensive expertise and unique personalities at Evonove shape a creative and inventive culture. In our free time we collaborate on open source technologies with fellow programmers around the world. We believe in sharing ideas and striving for innovation to deliver useful and efficient user experiences.

Projects Projects Projects Projects




Molecular Discovery

C++ / Qt 5

Development of various cheminformatics toolkits including molecular visualization and editing.

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Janine Search Engine


Search engine


Solr / PHP / MediaWiki

Search engine built on top of MediaWiki that retrieves any kind of document loaded onto the internal website through its content. It makes use of a PHP customization that indexes each document using the Solr engine.

Payslips Dashboard


Web application

Ministero Economia e Finanza


A Django website designed to manage data from several different platforms. A data collector able to produce business intelligence reports on employees, salaries and departments.

VM Dashboard


Frontend web application

Cloud Italia


Virtual machine management dashboard to create, destroy, and control customers’ Infrastructure, managed by Cloud Italia provider. The front end is built with AngularJS.

Dispensa 63 website



Dispensa 63

JavaScript / CSS

A website designed for a clean and comfortable front end experience, with a captivating design and optimal usability. An example of expertise in web Style and Layout.

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Django OAuth Toolkit


Open source contribution

Django / Python / OAuth2

Provides password authentication for synchronization across social applications. This open source software is the only authorization service available for Django. Upholds OAuth2 security standards for password sharing.

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Board game

Evonove hobby :). Jewels was our first bid into the gaming world. The idea was born from a shared passion and was successfully funded on Kickstarter (an international crowdfunding platform). From concept, to design, to launch, the process was both a challenge and a great success!

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Team Team Team Team


Alessandro Veracchi

Co-founder and Director

He founded Evonove in 2010, for his passion for coding. He's a Java and Python developer and market software creator. Starting Evonove marked a new era in his life as entrepreneur and developer. Evonove was born to be innovative and functional focusing on code quality and customer happiness.


Federico Frenguelli

Software Architect

Strong knowledge of Python, C/C++, and Qt; as well as 3D animation suite Blender. He ported a legacy Qt3 application to Qt5, and to Qml to deploy on Android/iOS. He contributes regularly to open source projects and has held trainings at Europython, and spoken at PyConIT, DjangoVillage.


Federico Dolce

Backend Developer

Python developer and enthusiast, he works on web services' backends built with the Django web framework. Linux lover, he actively collaborates in open source projects' development. When he's not developing software, he works with music, both producing electronic music and playing live with more classical instruments.


Alessio Rapini

UI/UX Designer - Front End Developer

‘Less is more’ is his motto. A kind of perfectionist who enjoys designing intuitive, original and good-looking user interfaces, bringing them to life with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Concise in life as well as in design, he represents the stylish side of Evonove.


Alessandro De Angelis

Backend Developer

I’m a young developer who’s learning how to code in the best way, and at the same time learning through my own mistakes. I’m an ICT expert but i’m studying at university to become, one day, an engineer. Right now I’m working at Evonove as a Python and Django developer.


Silvano Cerza

Mobile Developer

Following his never-ending love for computers and the will to better understand their inner workings, he attended a Java course between 2013 and 2014. This eventually led him to study Android and Python. These skills brought him to Evonove, where he has been able to flex his resourcefulness as a developer.


Kiersten Goza


Kiersten thrives on connecting people around meaningful content. She helps the company grow their digital presence through social media and community building. Following experiences in corporate branding, she is happy to continue to develop her skills in a dynamic and innovative environment.


Andrea Veracchi

Co-founder and Marketing Manager

Deeply passionate about business economy, he joined Evonove in 2012. Since then he has taken care of Evonove’s affairs and business strategies.