Europython 2013 Wrap-up

From code sprints and lightning talks to barbecues and beer.. It was a great week!


We are just back from the EuroPython conference, the last one in Florence before it moves to Berlin for the next two years. It was a pretty long week, a lot of talks, people, dinners, cocktails, beers, barbecues, sprints… You get the idea. I just want to thank everyone for the great experience- the organizers, the wifi guys, the cable guy, the personnel from the hotel, all the nice people I met and of course the speakers, in particular those from Evonove, who did a great job by contributing a long talk, a training and a lightning talk. We also managed to make a code sprint for Django OAuth Toolkit on Saturday, right after the goodbye party (kudos for us :-)

Here are the recordings of the talks provided by Emanuele and Federico:

Speed up your Django apps with Jython and SPDY

An intro to Blender modeling and scripting

Part 2:

An intro to Blender modeling and scripting - Reprise

And the lightning talks


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