Evonove Has Moved

We would like to introduce our new offices, innovative space to move ideas and inspire people.


A New Space for Evonove

Evonove has moved offices. The new space was conceived as a creative working environment to promote collaboration, innovation, and productivity. With an interactive whiteboard room, brainstorming and virtual reality space, the new offices drive teamwork and above all great ideas. 

The whiteboard room is our space for brainstorming and sharing ideas. It offers the developers free range to express themselves and put new concepts on display. It's the ultimate platform for coding and strategizing. The room is forward-thinking and most days full of team members expressing ideas with varying levels of enthusiasm :)


Whiteboard room for brainstorming and strategizing.

The conference room is where we greet guests, clients and partners. It's glass-enclosed, open but private at the same time, creating a tight correlation between personal interactions and performance.


Conference room for greeting clients and guests.

The main bulk of the office is designed according to the theory of 'action offices.' Walls are torn down in favour of open space. Our most creative ideas don't come from sitting alone in front of a monitor. They are inspired by interaction, and the best innovations hatch when people collide face to face. We have already seen that chance encounters between workers enhances performance and the new offices definitely point on this theory.


Collaboration and positive attitudes are key. 

We’ve begun to unlock the secrets of good office design in terms of proximity of people and social nature. Yet another key aspect to innovative workspace design is aesthetics. We wanted a space that was pleasing, that made employees happy to be here and a part of this effort came through the choice of word walls. Everyone pitched words that came to mind when they reflected on working at Evonove, and the fusion of these personal ideas shines through in the design.


An inspiring message each morning.

Last but not least is one of our favourite rooms, entirely dedicated to Virtual Reality. I think we've said enough :)


One of our developers enjoying the Virtual Reality room.

We are expecting great things from 2017 and doing our best to make them happen! Here is to a great new year.


Meet the team.


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