CSS Conference Wrap-Up

DotCSS took place in Paris, in the stunning Théâtre des Variétés


We just got back from the latest DotCSS Conference that took place on December 4th in Paris. Our teammate Alessio had the chance to attend. DotCSS is one of the biggest European conferences entirely dedicated to the CSS language. It was held inside the stunning Théâtre des Variétés.

Dot Conferences are a meaningful series of thematic technology meet-ups where some of the most authoritative world experts discuss CSS in highly technical talks and workshops. This year, the Dot community provided a lot of excitement, leading debates on some of the most significant and bleeding edge topic trends, with an eye on both approach and design.

Daniel Glazman was one of our favorite speakers. Former co-chairman of the CSS Working Group, he was on stage to talk about some interesting trends to keep an eye on in the near future. He expects a more open Community to come into play, in which developers can propose and discuss ideas about new CSS features. An example of this open thinking is the CSS Houdini Project, which has really embraced this community ideal. Its objective is to jointly develop features that explain the “magic” of Styling and Layout on the web. He also talked about the evolution of a new kind of professional in the developer world. Refined aesthetic skills, captivating design for front end experiences, and a focus on usability won’t be enough anymore. Indeed, in the last few years design and development have become more and more dependent and have created the market for a new breed of developer.

A lot of the speeches recognized this trend, which is great news for Evonove, since we've already started down this path! The speakers' references prove that we are already in line with the latest market demands. Our very own Alessio, for example, embodies these developments perfectly. He's already investing his skills in a new challenge - restyling the Evonove website without getting distracted by the front end tools and frameworks of the week. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch!

Another highlight of the conference was Andrey Sitnik, creator of PostCSS, who broke down some of the most important features of his tool to transform CSS, using JavaScript plugins. These plugins can support variables and mixins, transpile future CSS syntax, inline images, and more. (source:

PostCSS is growing fast, and for good reason. Due to its nature, PostCSS allows us to create custom plugins and tools for any features we may need, while the modular structure makes the tool pretty neutral.

That's it for now! Thanks for keeping up. We'll let you know when we start planning our next adventures.


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