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Django Sales Automation Software

Merchant - Python Web App

With our Python and Django based software solution the client was able to automate the most time-consuming parts of their ecommerce, reducing HR costs and increasing sales automatically with dynamic price matching. This allowed them to increase sales by more than 1500% while also giving them time to focus on more important things.

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Platform for Scientific and Pharmaceutical Research

Chemodrome Qt App Development

Our Qt application allows chemical scientists all over the world to improve their research with faster and more accurate results. For us, it's proof that no matter the complexity of your idea, we can make it real.

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Tech frontiers exploration

VR / AR / Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence / IOT experiments

Here in Evonove we understand that technology is a process in constant evolution and we strive to stay updated on the latest innovations. We experiment with emerging technologies  to have an extended understanding of the world we live in and what to expect from tomorrow.

Tech frontiers exploration

Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy


Digital Marketing is not just about metrics. To create a strong brand you need to understand your target and reach them in all the channels where they hang out. You need to tell them a story and make them passionate about it. Doing this, we were able to reach 571% overfunding on Kickstarter. Your potential customers are out there, you just need to know how to reach them.


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