We're hiring!

Hi there,

We are Evonove, a young and agile company based in Umbria.

We partner with clients to build user-centric IT solutions, delivering quality software by writing tested, documented and elegant code.

Evonove’s technology solutions are entirely based on Open Source softwares and tools. We actively contribute to open source product development as well as releasing some of our software libraries with open licenses.

We are active among several communities, growing ideas and projects, and promoting events, trainings and sponsorships.

Our staff is strongly motivated and includes talented engineers, technology enthusiasts , and several geeks.

Keep up with our developers as they travel to some of the best-attended technology summits in the world. You could get to hear them speak on some interesting topics.

Our works range from mobile apps, to web applications, to providing 3D programming consultancy with a particular focus on the field of molecular visualization.

Our customers come from all over the world [good english is a must].

We are hiring.

Our technology background covers most of the tools needed to build modern web, mobile  and desktop applications on several platforms. We are fluent in Python and C++ and we use many other interesting languages, frameworks, and technologies such as React, Qt, Rust, Redis, and Django every day. We know how to build responsive HTML5 layouts and deploy on the cloud. We love Slack, Toggl and Jira.

You‘ll be involved in a heartfelt team and you'll work with passionate and motivated geeks.

If you think you've got what it takes to join our team, send your CV to jobs@evonove.it.


Alessandro Veracchi - Evonove founder